2014 Falmouth KidsGamesEvent

Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA

14 - 18 July 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Falmouth KidsGames event page!

Falmouth KidsGames will have fun games, daily themes, sports & competition, daily value lessons, and World Championship games—competing with children around the world!

Each daily theme is presented in our four building blocks; fun, values, compassion, & experiential learning through sports & games.

Our welcome & fun time will start off each day focusing on our theme of the day. Fun games will point students to the daily value.

The values we’ll look at are; Belonging, Trust, Fairness/Perseverance, Choosing Right, & Being a Champion.

We’ll exercise compassion while participating in the Million Hours Project—joining students all over the world in serving others for a collective 1,000,000 hours!

And of course sports! We’ll be learning sportsmanship and fair play while learning the “basics” of 5 sports; soccer, circle rules football, baseball, boxing/kickboxing, & martial arts.